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Producing quality beef since 1937.

Alexander and Dionne M. Fleming personally oversee the entire cattle operation often from conception to slaughter. The cattle primarily feed on native grasses and wild oats which are plentiful on the ranch, and oat hay during the late summer and early winter. No fertilizers or chemicals are used for enhanced growth of this feed. Additionally, throughout the course of their lives, no hormones are given to the cattle. On Zaca Ranch, we run a herd of Black Angus cows and bulls. The cattle comprise our cow calf operation, and we are in constant contact with the bovine. Weighing in around 1200 pounds, the steers are used to produce fantastic tasting marbled beef. All of the beef is processed, packaged and labeled at a USDA approved facility and is under the watchful eye of the inspector to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality beef. Our steaks, roasts, and specialty cuts have proven to be extremely popular amongst the discerning chefs and food experts throughout the country.

  • All Natural
  • Grass Fed
  • Black Angus
  • Free Range
  • No Added Hormones
  • Minimally Processed


Today, amongst the few ranches and vineyards that comprise what is formerly known as the Rancho La Zaca a Mexican land grant, is the beautiful Zaca Ranch which is now owned and operated by the Fleming Family, a 3rd generation ranching family. Zaca Ranch is located in the beautiful wine country of Santa Barbara.

Wallace Fleming was a Harvard graduate and a World War I veteran from an old cotton family in Augusta, Georgia. During The War he was enlisted in a cavalry regiment fighting in France. On an unfortunate day, he and his men found themselves trapped in the trenches filled with mustard gas. Nobody could see, so Wallace took charge, removed his gas mask and led his men to safety. The result of this action was two lungs full of this lethal gas. He was 18 at the time and needed to relocate to a warm, dry climate. This brought him to the west; he was making regular trips between Arizona and California. While in Arizona one evening, he met an old friend, Sig Hanson, a Norwegian merchant marine. The two met at a local saloon in a dusty old Arizona town. The town tyrant also happened to be there that night, walking up and down the bar picking fights with people. He came across Wallace Fleming, and although Wallace was quite the ladies’ man, he was also one tough chap. He took the bully outside and cleaned his clock! It just so happened that this individual was also the local cattle buyer who owned the sales yard. Wallace ended up buying the cattle, about 50,000 head in total, and needed places to put them. So, in 1937 he purchased several ranches in Arizona, as well as the beautiful Zaca Ranch in California where the cattle resided in the springtime to feed on the fertile pastures.


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